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Rice polishing is a technology in which rice grains are cleaned and whitening procedure also takes place. Polishing provide grains a new and shiny texture. For this polishing technique RICE RUBBER POLISHERS are used. In some other rice industries rice polishing machines are also used.
MATERIALS : Indian rubber, Rubber peptizer, Colophony, Activator, Oxidation inhibitor, Titanium dioxide, Stearic acid and Sulphur powder, Silica powder and accelerator.
INDIAN RUBBER : Indian rubber is a polymer of iso prene. Indian rubber can also be called as Natural rubber. It is basically of three types and those are : • Congo • Hevea and • Dandelion
COLOPHONY : colophony is nothing else but solidified resin, also called as rosin. Source of colophony is generally pine. It can also be used in chewing gums, printing inks and adhesives.
RUBBER PEPTIZER : can also be called as peptizer is used for peptization of rubber in the process.
OXIDATION INHIBITOR : oxidation inhibitor also know as antioxidants are oxidation inhibiting molecules or substances.
ACTIVATOR and ACCELERATOR : are substances and materials used for to activate and accelerate the process.
STEARIC ACID : stearic acid is 18 carbon containing fatty acid.
SUMMARY : chemicals like titanium di oxide, Sulphur and silica powder are easily available along with other main materials. Three types of rice rubber polisher include : hevea, dance and Congo. These polishers are made for whitening rice grains and providing them new texture.
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