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The mask protects against bacteria and viruses also against Coronavirus

consists of:

• polypropylene multilayer filter material;

• nasal clamp for formatting the half mask within the nose;

• headband straps made of braided rubber threads;

• plastic exhaust valve;

• nasal seal made of polyurethane foam.

The mask is constructed so that you can easily breathe in it. Thanks to the anatomical shape, nose clip and underlying foam, the

mask is easy to fit for most face shapes to ensure the necessary tightness.

The masks come from the Polish manufacturer.

! Coronavirus! - Like influenza, this virus is transmitted by droplets as well as through infected objects and surfaces. You can get

infected by sneezing, as well as close contact with an infected person. Wearing disposable masks as well as frequent hand

washing can prevent us from doing so.

We issue a receipt / invoice for masks purchased in our store.

Possibility of shipping or personal pickup.

Price 9.99 with wholesale 100 pieces

. Available over 500 pieces

same day express delivery across europe
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